The Purpose of the Mission Cohort
The Mission cohort exist to create a more structured environment to provide exposure and equipping in the areas of cross-cultural missions. We believe the local church should be central to missions and therefore has the responsibility to assess, equip, and send missionaries to the ends of the earth. The cohort is one way we want to be help fulfill this responsibility. The cohort is by no means a comprehensive way to train and equip future missionaries. It cannot replace the other elements of living in a community on mission, personal or communal discipleship, and service to the church and city. However, we desire for every person who wants to be more informed about global mission to participate in this yearly cohort. Our hope is that God uses this cohort to educate, identify, and raise up future cross-cultural workers, or better educate and prepare those who are serious to send them.

Who is it for?
The cohort is for anyone who desires to learn more about topics surrounding cross-cultural missions. We believe it will help senders to better understand and relate to missionary partners. Those serving in Advocacy Teams are strongly encouraged to take the cohort. For those who are considering serving in global missions one day, and who want to be sent by the church, the cohort is a requirement.

Monthly Learning Topics
God's Heart for the Nations
Abiding in Christ
The Missionary Task
Worldview and World Religions
Spiritual Warfare
Cross-Cultural Challenges
Evangelism & Orality
Healthy Discipleship and Church Planting
Team, Community, and Conflict

The Format of the Cohort
The Cohort is a nine month commitment. Each month will cover one of the topics from the sample list above. Once a month, participants will gather for three hours to discuss each topic and hear from different teachers. Participants can be expected to give about 4-6 hours of individual work each month to complete the month’s assignment sheet.

Two Tracks
The cohort is offered at two participating levels/tracks. The Certificate-level is for those who are considering serving cross-culturally and desire to be sent by the church. Attendance requirements and additional assignments are given to those pursuing the certificate level. The Non-Certificate level is for anyone else who wants to take the cohort with no extra assignments or attendance requirements.

Cost: $150 Covering books, meetings, and additional materials. Scholarships are available by request.