A discipleship group is a closed group of 3-5 gender specific followers of Christ who agree to devote their time and energy to one another’s spiritual growth for a specified amount of time.

The desired outcome of a discipleship group is not to learn information but to experience transformation.  In other words, the goal of a discipleship group is not to simply learn truths about God, but to be transformed by His Spirit.

So what does that look like? How can a discipleship group accomplish something that only God can ultimately accomplish - the transformation of sinful people in the image of the Son of God? The discipleship group seeks to do this by holding one another accountable to some specific means of transformation that God has provided for His people as ways to allow for greater and greater spiritual growth.  

Those disciplines, or means of grace, are:
Bible Reading
Scripture Memory

We have compiled a list of resources to help you as you make disciples who make disciples through utilizing the D-group tool.  Click here to access resources to help you read the Bible, pray, share the gospel, and help others grow as a disciple.

If you are a female desiring to be in a D-Group please contact McKenzie.
If you are a male desiring to be in a D-Group please contact Charley.