The Advance residency program exists to advance the Kingdom through investment in the next generation of ministry leaders. The local church is God’s ordained means for seeing disciples made and leaders developed. Through Advance, we hope to continually facilitate a culture of disciple-making, leadership development, and kingdom advancement. This residency program is a great way to learn how to grow as a ministry leader, both in theological thinking as well as in practical ministry experience. Those sensing a calling into vocational ministry will be able to discern that calling while serving in the local church .
This residency is for anyone 21 years or older who senses a call into vocational ministry. You do not have to have previous vocational ministry experience to apply. This is a full-time residency requiring 40 hours of work per week.


Program Outline

- Residents will receive localized and personalized theological education in a communal learning environment
- Residents will have opportunities to gain experience in the “hands on” of ministry by serving our body in a specific focus area
- Residents will be provided mentorship in developing a heart for Christ, ministry, and mission.

General Job Description

The average time spent per week for Advance residents will be 40 hours. We do want to ensure that residents are taking two days off to rest each week.

Personal Development: : 2-5 hours per week
Theological Development: 5-7 hours per week
Mentorship Meeting: 1 hour per week
Specific Ministry Tasks: 15-20 hours per week
Administration & Support Raising: 1-2 hours per week
Sunday Services: 5-6  hours per week (available to serve different ministries)

Focus Areas

Each resident will fulfill the “hands on” aspect of the residency program in at least one specific focus area. A specific job description will be provided for each resident. Below is a short description (though not comprehensive) of what each focus area entails:

Youth - Residents serving in this focus area will help plan, coordinate, and executive youth related community, discipleship, and service opportunities under the direction of the Elders.  

Global Missions - Residents serving in this focus area will help in all things related to our global mission efforts. This includes reaching out to existing partners, recruiting and organizing exposure trips, helping our body connect with prayer opportunities and ways to serve, helping to facilitate the mission cohort, serving as a liaison between local international work and our body, and planning specific prayer/mission services.

College - Residents in this focus area will serve as catalyst for evangelism and discipleship on our local college campuses. They may facilitate specific college gatherings. The main focus will be serving on college campuses in a missionary role.

Church Planting - Residents in this focus area have a strong sense of calling to plant a church. These residents will be assessed differently than those in other focus areas and may also have a specific learning track to follow. Residents will get opportunities to serve in a variety of different ways while also preparing theologically and practically to plant a church.

Women’s Ministry - Residents in this focus area will help plan, coordinate, and execute women- specific ministry opportunities under the direction of the Elders.

Worship - The primary goal of this focus area is to help residents understand the relationship between our doxology and theology, and provide practical ways to help facilitate gospel-centered, Biblically saturated worship within the context of the local church.

Learning Components

The components below are theological in nature and will be presented through the lens of both Biblical and systematic theologies. In addition to this core learning foundation, each focus area will have more specific learning components.

- Understanding and Interpreting the Old Testament
- Understanding and Interpreting the New Testament
- The Dynamics of Word Ministry
- Understanding the Church: its purpose, its functions, its mission, and its organization
- The Global Mission of God and the church as mobilizer
- Biblical Counsel and Care
- Spiritual Growth and Leadership


Residents are required to fund their salaries through support raising. Our Church has partnered with Reliant – a leading non-profit fundraising organization for support raising, coaching, accountability, donations, and payroll. This means that you will be a Resident of The Church at 4Points and an employee of Reliant. As a Resident, you will attend a Reliant support raising training to equip you with the knowledge and skills to raise financial support. The Reliant team works with you to build support goals and prepare you for employment.

Applications are now closed and will reopen early 2025


March 15 - Application Deadline

March 17 - March 21 - Local Interviews Conducted

April 5 - Final Hiring Decisions Made

April 14 - Support Raising Training Registration Deadline

May 3 + May 4 - Reliant Virtual Support Raising Training

August 1, 2024 - July 31, 2025- Residency Term