Membership in a local faith family is an important part of your following Christ. At 4Points, we do a covenant membership that happens through a membership candidacy process. The process follows the following steps:

1. Attend one of our "Membership Information" classes. These classes happen 4 times a year immediately following the gathering. Our classes are scheduled for the 3rd Sunday in February, April, September, and November. In the class, we talk about the importance and meaning of church membership. The class is a required step in the membership process. Lunch and childcare provided.

2. Look over the Membership Covenant very closely. Be sure to read the belief statements carefully and the covenant commitments.

3. Using the testimony writing guide, write your testimony and email it to Once this is done, you can wait to hear from us about getting your elder interview scheduled.

4. Elder interview with at least two of the elders. This gives a chance for you to ask any questions, as well as for the elders to pray over you and get to know you better.