4points Training Institute

The 4Points Training Institute exists to equip those in the local church to do the work of ministry. Through The 4Points Training Institute we want to offer church-based theological education that is gospel-saturated, theologically rich yet practical, and studied in community. The training institute is for anyone who wants to grow in their understanding of God and be equipped to live out the gospel in their everyday lives. 

The training institute will seek to serve the above purpose through three outlets: 

Courses: courses require individual coursework to be done along the way, as well as meeting together for collaborative learning times. These collaborative learning times are the space to come together and work through the course material with a facilitator guiding the discussion. Two levels of courses are offered:

Level 1 courses: the duration of this course is one month. The work load is approximately 2 hours weekly in readings and reflections. The course meets to conclude the course with a 4 hour collaborative learning time. These courses are designed for people wanting to grow in Biblical understanding and living a gospel-centered life. Courses cost $20


Level 2 courses: the duration of this course is three months. The work load is approximately 4-5 hours weekly in readings, reflections, and assignments. The course meets for collaborative learning times throughout the duration. These courses are considered seminary level courses designed for aspiring pastoral leaders, lay church leaders, missionaries, or anyone wanting to deepen their theology. 

Courses cost $80


Classes: classes do not require any outside work. You simply show up to the scheduled class time to participate in the workshop style class. The class will consist of topic-specific biblical teaching, discussion, and practical group interactions. 

Cohorts: cohorts will be designed for specific groups (Ex: church planters, potential cross cultural workers, etc) lasting over the course of a year. Different topics will be covered throughout the year with scheduled meeting times. 

Spring 2019 Schedule


Level 1: 

• Union with Christ (Deadline to sign up is January15; Collaboration Time: February 24)

• Understanding God’s Story (Deadline to sign up is March 15; Collaboration Time: April 28)

Level 2: 

• God, humanity, and Christ (Deadline to sign up is January 15; Course duration: January 15-March 30)


• DNA: Gospel-Centered Bible reading with others (Deadline to sign up is March 24; Class time: March 31, 2-6PM) 

• Evangelism (Deadline to sign up is April 7; Class time: April 14, 2-6PM) 

Summer 2019 Schedule


Level 1:

• Christian Imagination (Deadline to sign up is May 15; Collaboration Time: June 30)

Level 2: 

• Bible Exposition (Deadline to sign up is April 25; Course duration: May 1- Aug 15)


• The Gospel-Centered Family (Deadline to sign up is July 10; Class time: July 14, 2-6PM)

Fall 2019 Schedule


Level 1:

• Gospel Change (Deadline to sign up is August 15; Collaboration Time: September 29) 

Level 2:

• Evangelism & Apologetics (Deadline to sign up is August 25; Course duration: September 1- November 31)


• Communities on Mission (Deadline to sign up is September 8; Class time: September 15, 2-6PM) 

• Explore Missions (Deadline to sign up: October13; Class Time: October 20, 2-6PM)

• DNA: Gospel-Centered Bible Reading with Others (Deadline to sign up: December 4; Class time: Dec 8)

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